You can also find mountains in Pinerolo (Turin-Piedmont),
come and discover them in Fiorendo Agriturism.
fiore Weather in Pinerolo
Fiorendo Agriturism is an oasis at a stone’s throw from the city: just 12 km from Pinerolo and you will find several comfortably equipped huts, completely restored with the utmost respect towards the local architecture. That is our “Agrituristic Village” where you will have the opportunity to live a fully relaxing stay, close to nature, throughout the whole year.
Among our activities you will find:
* REFRESHMENT:biological, natural home-made products
* OVERNIGHT-STAY SERVICE: half-board or full-board
* SOJOURNING: with kitchen equipped lodgings
* DIDACTIC ACTIVITIES: manual, practical activities developed with students of infant and primary school.
* SOJOURNING for CHILDREN and TEEN-AGERS: during the summer holidays


Fiorendo Agriturism - Borgata Talucco Alto, 65 - Pinerolo - Torino - Italy
Telephone: 0121.543481 Mobile: 348.8981534

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