You can also find mountains in Pinerolo (Turin-Piedmont),
come and discover them in Fiorendo Agriturism.
fiore Weather in Pinerolo
The firm is set in a small village among the green shades of sourranding plants, at around 1000 mts over the sea- level. The outskirts are perfect for nice walks and excursions and through a smooth path among enchanting alpine landscapes you can reach the “ SBARUA ROCK”, an hitsorical gym of rock, a symbol of mountain-climbimg; or visit the char-coal pits (related to anancient economical activity of people living in the mountains). Moreover at just a few kilometre’s distance you can reach the famous skiing sites of the 2006 Olympic Games (such as Sestriere, Pragelato).

Those who love art cannot miss to visit the museums and the historical centre of Pinerolo or seightseeing the city of Turin. We also remind the greatest aviary in the world: the ornithological park called “MARTINAT”; the “SCOPRIMINIERA” Prali (a coal mine); the SACRED of S. MICHAEL. Avigliana Lakes and… much more.

Piazza Fontana PINEROLO Rocca SBARUA Voliera Parco MARTINAT
  Laghi di AVIGLIANA  

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